JASMINE HOLMES | Speech Pathology


Experienced specialist speech pathologist suitably qualified to complete comprehensive autism (ASD) assessment for children.

“Jasmine did our daughter Eva’s Speech assessment for Autism. She made this stressful time for us so much easier. Her knowledge, experience and happy nature was exactly what anyone could ask for when on this journey. We are so thankful to have her be a part of this process for our family.”

Kristen and Jason M-

An autism diagnosis for a child in Western Australia currently involves a specialist diagnostic team comprising of a paediatrician, speech pathologist and psychologist. This is because autism is a complex neurodevelopmental, lifelong condition which requires careful consideration.

If you feel that your child may be presenting with autism, I am able to help you with the speech pathology component of the assessment. If you also require the psychology component (i.e. a full assessment), this can also be arranged.

Seeking answers for your child’s behaviours and differences can be a very daunting and stressful process, and one that will no doubt, be a pivotal time in your life. For these reasons, I aim to make the autism assessment process as stress-free as possible, preferring to see your child in a comfortable environment such as home and/or school. Please read below to find out more about the diagnostic process.

*Note* Please send through an enquiry and I can give you an estimate of waiting times (at present, this is around a few weeks). Where possible, the psychologist and I will aim to complete the assessment together on the same day.

How does the autism assessment process work?

A referral from a paediatrician is generally the first step however this is not essential and you can self refer. Paediatricians are specialists in child development and screen for autism related symptoms, often ruling out any underlying medical issues or reasons for behaviour. At the present time there is a significant waitlist to see public and private paediatricians in Perth, Western Australia. It is important to book an appointment as soon as possible if you have concerns for your child’s development. While in some cases it may be deemed appropriate to assess your child for ASD prior to seeing a paediatrician, their endorsement is necessary for a diagnosis to be finalised (if this is the outcome of assessment). In this event, any supporting documentation you have will be very helpful (e.g., therapist reports etc). 

Send an enquiry with some information about your child and your concerns. Please specify if you need speech only, or speech and psychology services combined. I will make contact with you to request the necessary information before the assessment is booked in. 

The psychologists that I work with and I, refer to the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Fifth Edition (DSM-5) when considering a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. The speech pathology component will include the use of a “gold standard” assessment tool with your child; the ADOS-2, which is a semi-structured individual play based assessment. In addition, you will be asked questions related to the autism criteria which centre on social communication abilities and the presence and intensity of restricted and repetitive behaviours. Additional information will also be obtained from extra sources such as your child’s teacher, therapists or day care educators if required. In some cases, addition assessment of language functioning may be necessary (at an additional cost) and/or developmental or cognitive assessment completed by the psychologist.

Once all of the information has been obtained I will consult with the assessing psychologist, and a decision will be made on whether your child has met sufficient criteria for a diagnosis of ASD based on the evidence gathered throughout the assessment process. Please be aware that there can be many reasons for a child’s behaviour and a diagnosis of autism is not guaranteed. When this is the case, possible explanations for your child’s difficulties will be explained to you, and appropriate recommendations discussed. A comprehensive report will be provided to you within 10-15 working days, and a feedback session to discuss the results can be arranged. Please be advised that in some cases it may be possible to tell you the outcome on the day, however in most circumstances this occurs once the report has been written.